Me, myself and I

Korean, in France for 6 years

Hello, I am Hanne SON, motion designer born in South Korea. I came to study art in France 6 years ago in 2011. I felt in love with STOP Motion and came to Motion Design one year later at Gobelins in Paris ( France ).

Studied Motion Design at Gobelins (France) and worked at Elmo (Parisian Motion Agency)

Gobelins is an amazing school for Motion Design, learned and worked so much for many projects.

In 2017, I finished my studies with a 3 months internship at ELMO, very creative parisian Motion Design agency working on projects like:

Looking for a job and working for amazing projects!

I am exited for looking for a job and I am always looking to work on amazing projects and great talents. Let's meet, talk about motion design and maybe working together!

Keep in touch: Email - Instagram - Dribbble

Personnal project - Run Run Run